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Terms and Conditions



Pask architects will prepare designs based on clients specific briefing requirements.

The advice given and designs prepared will be deemed to have been accepted by the client if no written adverse comments or objection to aspects of the design or proposed drawings is received by the architects within 7 days after drawing issue.
Changes of clients instruction during the design process after design approval has deemed to have been given will be recorded and charged at normal hourly rates.
Where the budget is limited or restricted , the client will engage a quantity surveyor to cost all proposed works, and advise on cost of project.
The project design will be finalised in terms of client changes to the design , at the planning application stage.
Changs requiring alterations to design drawings and changes to the finalised design will incur additional charges in addition to the fee agreed. Once the detailed construction drawing package has been started all client alterations will be charged in addition to the agreed fee.

The client “build cost” used as the basis for fee agreement , will always be subject to the revised construction cost, the architects fee will be adjusted after the Final Valuation by the project quantity surveyor. The build cost will include all works integrated within the project which have required integration into the design, and for which drawings have been prepared. Where other parties have been responsible for the element design , such as kitchen units, and Pask Architects are required to integrate the element design into the contruction drawing package , such as srevices,and dimensional adjustment and consideration of meeting surfaces and materials to the area of specialist design, 50% of the cost of the kitchen/specialist element cost will be used in the total contract figure for fee calculation purposes.
These areas include kitchens, white goods, bathroom fittings, integrated furniture, external decking, fixtures etc.

Where cost savings are required to bring build overall costs into line with client budgets oringally stipulated , and subsequent additions to the advised maximum build cost arre introduced by the client , additional time spent effecting costs savings, and on item re-introduction will be charged for.
At normal hourly rates.

The fee quoted includes for all meetings to be held at
Pask Architects offices, we will by arrangement attend meetings at client offices or other suitable location, please note that Travelling expenses will be charged for the return journey from our offices , in addition travelling time will be charged for at normal hourly rates.

Existing building surveys and site information.
The client will provide dimensioned drawings of the existing buildings or land / sites in suitable AutoCAD (T) format for the Architects use.
Where no survey information is made available , a Topographic Survey of land and or buildings will be required before design works can be the commenced.
The survey can be arranged by Pask Architects, the cost will be paid for by the client direct.
If paper drawings are available these may be used, however dimensional inaccuracy may arise and proper measured surveys should always take preference over paper or existing drawings.
Pask Architects assume no responsibility for the accuracy for the information provided nor any responsibility for any dimensional discrepancies that may arise as a result of the inaccuracy.
Where building work is proposed near legal boundaries the client will make available relevant boundary information.

In the construction phase of your project our appointment is restricted to contract administration ,
As your architect we will :

1.Arrange at monthly intervals, a site meeting with your appointed contractor , we will forward to you the contractors progress report from them , and deal with any construction detail issues they may have.
If a surveyor is appointed by you he will prepare a monthly valuation of the works for payment to the contractor.
We advise that you attend these meetings if possible .

2.Whilst the construction is underway the contractor will provide a programme + timescale of his operations for you, any queries in relation to the programme will be answered by the contractor.
Day to day organisation of the site , attendance and conduct of his men, and the timely ordering and delivery of materials is solely the responsibility of the contractor.

3.Any changes or variation of the scope or detail of the works during the construction phase should be avoided as these will incur contract delay and extra expense from the contractor.
Changes instructed after working drawings are prepared ( at the tender stage) , requiring additional drawings and these will be charged for on a time spent basis at our normal hourly rates.
To expedite matters and avoid delays , we may have to prepare drawings at short notice, in this event overtime rates will be charged at 150% of normal hourly rates.

4. In our experience the most common problems that occur during construction are due to :

Contractors varying the sequence of build operations outwith an agreed or a logical sequence.
Over-runs of agreed contract periods due to delays in material deliveries or availability of manpower .
Contractors not communicating adequately there requirement for information or client decisions.
Additional costs due to client changes in scope of the works.
Clients appointed contractors and suppliers requiring additional works + supply in information delays.
Availability or delivery of materials or manpower shortage which are out with the contractors direct control

Architects are not responsible for the contractors operations.,

5.Contingency sums
Whilst every effort has been made to identify the full scope of the works before construction commences it is more common than not for some unforeseen works to be required particularly when altering existing buildings.
During the construction of new buildings, the undergound works may be affected by the discovery of ground conditions requiring variation to the foundations or uncharted services may exist giving rise to works to avoid these, ot works to re-route or lay new service conductors.
Availability or delivery of materials or manpower shortage which are out with the contractors direct control can give rise to changes.
Additional Requirements of the Local Authority inspectors during site inspections may give rise to additional works.

6.The Planning Process
The Planning Application process is becoming inceasingly complicated with the planning departments becoming the co-ordinator for many government departments including :

SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency)
Historic Scotland (Listed Buildings)
Environmental Health
SNH (Scottish Natural Heritage)

In our fee quotation we have allowed for 4 hours for meetings with the planning officers, if the planning process requires longer discussion after the
Planning application has been submitted over the time allowed (4 hours) , these will be charged for.

7.Statutory Undertakers + Government departments involved in the development process.
During the detailed stage, pre-construction , you will require to make application to the following utilities to make application for provision of services. Pask Architects do not provide the following services , but can direct you if required to qualified specialist consultants who will be able to provide the required level of expertise.

Environmental health Noise studies
Ventilation scheme detailed design
Air quality study
Kitchen and servery design issues

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency
Flood risk assesments
Ground Contamination reports
Surface water drainage
Septic tank + soak away installations
Scottish Water
Water supply
Mains drainage
Utility Providers
Electricity supply
Gas supply
Telephone supply
Water supply

Site specific requirements
Topographic survey
Tree survey
Bat study and report (endangered species)
New Zealand Earth Worm Study
Badger study and report

Road design Road Traffic impact assesment
Road safety audit
Road construction consent

Payment of architects fees will be at staged intervals through the job .
In some instances a deposit will be required equal to 25% of the full fee.
Fees are invoiced as follows :

On completion of outline design + before planning Application is submitted 25%
On submission of Planning Application a further 15%
On completion of working drawings and prior to Building Warrant Application submission 25%
On completion of construction drawing tender package , and before tenders are sought 25%
On completion of project ( to practical completion of contract) 15%

Additional costs
Should time allowances be exceeded through delay on the part of the local authority , and or if protracted negociations are required
Additional fees based on a time charge will be invoiced on a monthly basis during the negociation process and in between the stages outlined above.

Contractor disputes + 3 Party involvement , are all charged in addition to the agreed fee.

Withholding of architects fees for the the non-performance of other professionals ,contractors, or suppliers after the due date (normally 14 days after he invoice date), will give Pask Architects valid reason to suspend services or terminate involvement in the project at our discretion.
In addition all costs associated with recovery of fees will be charged.
Following suspension of services, and subsequent settlement of outstanding invoiced account, Pask architects give no gaurantee with relation to timeous re-commencment of services .

Reproduction costs : Printing and plotting and photocopying, and photographs .
All reprodcution costs will be charged at the following rates in addtion to the fee agreements + administration staff time where appropriate.

Postage , faxing
Will be charged at cost + administration staff time.

Travelling and motoring costs
Cost of rail travel, necessary taxi journeys, and vehicle useage wil be charged at 45p/mile.

Pask Architects hold all Copyright in the designs produced, no duplication of site specific design is allowed without the express written consent of Pask Architects and payment of a further fee equal to 70% of the original design fee. (RIBA stage E)

D E S I G N S T U D I O : James Pask - email - + mob 07563 553791 + Susan Pask - email - susan@ + mobile 07940 542365 |

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